Roy Crawford Smith

I came to painting again when I met Rassouli in 2006, the creator of Fusionart.  I had been working as a test development engineer in high tech aerospace and medical, for many years, in a completely  different category of work involving science, logic, and reason.  Since I had formally been a fine arts major until late teenage,  I had some prior painting experience; yet, I had never worked with the concept of intuitive painting until I was introduced to Rassouli and Fusionart.   

The Fusionart I learned from Rassouli is a different expression from type of expression I came to learn in my youth, which is more like the rational expression of western science I learned as an engineer, involving the rational processes or the western preoccupation with delineating exact physical forms and such.  Fusionart has more to do with the irrational and intuitive expressions of the soul, and allowing of the expression of the unconscious or spiritual aspect of self.

Consequently, I had to "unlearn" my western ways in order to allow this new expression, or "flow" in order to attain any level of mastery with Fusionart, and the many other type of intuitive art extant.  The process has been part of a never-ending spiritual journey that continues today.  I still dabble in traditional western art forms as is evident from my website presentation; yet my ongoing evolution is toward a balance between the two quite different expressions.  

True creativity doesn't rely on any particular talent or skill, but on the openess or willingness to allow the flow of creativity within us to manifest from within.  When we open to the flow of creativity from within, we return to an almost childlike state of being that connects us with all life, all creation.  That is a place beyond time, space, or words that some have called "the zone," where we reside in pure wonder of the eternal self, or soul. I invite you to enter that zone and participate in the wonder of creation as a co-creator in the dynamic process we call life.

Roy Crawford Smith

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