Delving into Fusionart reveals that much of it can be found in other teachings.  For example, one finds parallels between Fusionart and art therapy.  Many of Rassouli's key philosophical precepts such a Leila, or the creation and destruction of divine play, have been elucidated elsewhere.  Yet, it is the coming together of all these factors, in one movement, and one man, that makes Fusionart a powerful tool for the evolving soul.  Without the powerful connecting influence of  this supreme master of  creativity, Fusionart would be just a conglomeration of interesting ideas.



Roy Crawford Smith

Whether any final meaning for Fusionart ever comes to light or not, one can certainly take whatever one wishes from it and create one's own art form from it.  That is exactly what I have done in some of my own work.  That is my name for what I have taken from Fusionart and elsewhere to create my own unique form of visionary art.  It doesn't really matter how you arrive at your own artistic expression, but that you do arrive there.  Like Fusionart, there is nothing really new or different about my own visionary art, except me and my own way of thinking, doing and being.  Anyone can freely adapt the  principles and come up with their own unique brand of self expression, and I encourage them to do so.  

Many have asked the question ,"what is Fusionart?"  Over the years, I have heard many answers from Rassouli, so for me the definition is somewhat amorphous and evolving. I think the best way to answer the question is to ask the master  himself, and come away with your own conclusions.   The next best thing would be to visit Rassouli's website and purchase his book on the subject.  Surely, the subject of Fusionart is multifaceted and not to be understood by one sentence alone.  My own belief is that Fusionart is more philosophy than art form or technique.


If you google the words fusion and art, together, you may likely find "fusion art" has been previously defined as  a postmodern art form that combines two or more traditional art forms, such as Impressionism and Surrealism, into a single form.  Yet, my experience of Rassouli's Fusionart, which combines the words, fusion and art into one word, is a more expanded undertaking.  Listening to Rassouli's many definition(s) over the years has led me to believe that Fusionart is an outgrowth of his own mysticism and mystique, and therefore sufficiently vague as to leave room for interpretation.  How else can you account for the huge diversity of expression in his students' works?  They have all evolved their own methods, approaches and techniques.